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Oven Cleaning Guilt

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If you slave over a hot cooker, making a lovely dinner for your family and friends then your oven is going to get dirty.

The tricky part is that when it’s easiest to clean is also when its at its hottest!!

So like everyone else you think to yourself “I’ll clean that later” but then the kids need a bath, the ironing needs doing, it’s a school night and the lawn needs mowing.  In short, life gets in the way.

A dirty oven is a loved oven, is a used oven, is a sign of you taking the trime to cook. And cooking as dinner is one in the eye for the food processing industry. 

Call me and I’ll make your oven sparkle like new, and you can get on with the business of life!!

(Or watch my video – that’s me!)



Written by supremeovencleaning

April 4, 2012 at 12:34 pm

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